Heymo 1 Keilaniemi, Heymo Room.
The Heymo Room concept consists of three rooms with doors between them.

Heymo Room – edullinen ratkaisu isommalle porukalle

The Heymo Room concept consists of three rooms with doors between them. The bed solutions can be adapted to your needs, and the rooms can accommodate a larger group as well. Each of the three rooms has its own bathroom with a rainfall shower, so the group will not need to queue for their turn in the shower.

The first room has a bunk bed. The lower bunk can be turned into a double bed or two separate beds. All three of the room's beds are 100 cm wide.

The middle room has a clever Tablebed, which can be transformed from a bed to a table and from a table to a bed. During the day, you can have meetings and meals at the table with the whole group. The same room also has a spacious refrigerator for guests' own food, as well as a microwave oven.

The outermost room, called "The Room", has a 160 cm wide double bed.

The Heymo Room is an excellent choice for a family, group of friends or a small team! Accommodates up to seven guests.

The hotel has seven Heymo Rooms. If you wish, you can book them all! You can book a Heymo Room through the normal booking path. Go to room selection here.

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