Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel, Hotellinjohtaja
Our new General Manager Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo

Get to know our General Manager

Get to know our General Manager! Kaija-Riitta Uusitalo started as the General Manager of Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna and Kimmel in Joensuu in spring of 2021. Kaija packed her house in Southern Finland and moved with her husband to Joensuu where her new home is located right between the two hotels.
The hospitality and sociality of the local people has made a big impact on Kaija. "I felt myself welcome, the reception was warm and I got a lot of help with practical arrangements. It was easy to settle down in here because now I'm closer to my daughter, my parents and our summer cottage. And my husband is eager to get to know the local golf courses."
Work has been busy especially on the building site of Kimmel. Kaija is eagerly waiting for the renovations of the hotel to be finished. "Kimmel is a legendary event hotel which is known throughout Finland. And it is a significant part of tourism in this area. I think it is great that so much effort is put into the renovations of Kimmel. This autumn we will have the number one hotel of Eastern Finland in our hands. And the sympathetic and functional Vaakuna with its various restaurants operating besides Kimmel."
"It's great that almost all work done on the building site is bought from local operators and this way we are supporting local people", Uusitalo continues. The building work, HVAC-work, carpentry as well as many pastries and drinks sold at the hotel are bought from local companies and artists. 
The new General Manager has a long career behind her in event houses in Southern Finland such as in Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo, Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa and Radisson Blu Seaside. How does she see the future of Kimmel? "Kimmel will rise to the top of event hotels in Finland with its quality and functionalities, that I'm sure of."