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Evelin Bötker, Hotel Manager

From Tallinn's trendy boutique hotels to modern-day Karelian luxury

Evelin Bötker is the new hotel manager of Kimmel and Vaakuna and has decades worth of experience from Estonia's top hotels. She arrived at Joensuu about a month ago with high expectations. The friendly North Karelian people and the surrounding nature won her heart over.
Evelin is from Tallinn but had thought about working abroad for a while. When the chance arose, she took the plunge and decided to grasp the opportunity. She also speaks fluent Finnish. "I got interested as the Sokos Hotels in Joensuu seemed to offer enough challenges. Kimmel is also newly renovated, and it has a spa whereas Vaakuna has a strong profile and loyal customers. When our chemistries with the general manager matched in the first job interview, I knew this was the job I wanted." 
"I've worked for decades in 5-star hotels in Tallinn doing all kinds of jobs from a receptionist to a general manager. The transfer to modern-day Karelian luxury in Joensuu's Sokos Hotels seemed natural. The biggest difference is probably the size of the hotels – in Estonia most of the luxury 5-star hotels are small boutique hotels. But the hotel industry is international, so in that sense it does not matter in what country you are in. I believe that multicultural work communities are a true richness."
In her new job the hotel manager sees the customer experience and the wellbeing of the staff as her most important tasks. "So that they enjoy their work and want to stay with us. Joensuu's Sokos Hotels have a great team and hospitality lives in their hearts – that is a unique talent which can't be taught. I can bring something new to the hotel service culture from my own experiences."
The leap to the Finnish hotel life seems easy but what about the new home city?
"Joensuu is a safe and quiet city where nature is close-by. In my free time I enjoy nature and hiking in forests and along the shore of lakes. Koli National Park is somewhere where I have already hiked. Now I'm looking forward of winter and the skiing season!"
Evelin's family has also moved to Finland which is surely making her feel more at home in a new city. Her son is attending the international high school in Joensuu and her husband will arrive sometime in autumn too.
Welcome Evelin and family!