Finnish Sauna Experience in Vuokatti

Finnish Sauna Experience in Vuokatti

Lake Shore Sauna

This atmospheric private sauna is located about 400 meters from the hotel, in the shore of lake Särkinen with stunning views to the Vuokatti hills. Here our guests can really enjoy the authentic Finnish sauna experience. This sauna is suitable for 1-15 persons. There is a cozy living area with a fireplace and a big table with chairs to have a nice gathering among the group. The actual sauna area has showers and a separate spacious dressing room. 

Experience the authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

Finns are known for their very own sauna activities such as dipping into an icy water or stroking yourself gently with birch twigs. Both of these activities are well known to be the strange activities Finnish people love to do! They help with blood circulation and relaxation, relieve stress, enhance cold tolerance and have many more health benefits. During the Finnish Sauna Experience our sauna guide will tell the history of Finnish sauna culture and with the help of the sauna guide you can try these authentic Finnish sauna activities yourself! After the warm and relaxing sauna you will enjoy delicious local Finnish food in front of the fireplace.

Net prices (incl. VAT):

Groups 6-10 persons 59 € / person

Groups 11-15 persons 49 € / person

For smaller groups ask for an offer.

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