Experience culture with the locals

"Many of our customers today seek authentic experiences and encounters with local people during their travels.  We wanted to offer them the opportunity to dive a little deeper into local culture, so we started to work together with Doerz, a company specialising in sharing economy experiences," says Henna Heinänen, general manager of Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund, opening in spring 2019.

Chocolate tasting, the Barista experience and craft beers with a local enthusiast

"Private individuals offering local experiences to travellers is a growing trend.  An increasing number of people want to ‘live like a local' on their trip and see what a certain city or area is really about.  They want to go to the kinds of places that local people go to and talk about everyday life with real people," says Tomi Virtanen, founder of Doerz.

Both the Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone and Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund, which are opening in spring 2019, will be showcasing some of the experiences provided by Doerz. Of the many experiences on offer, we can recommend the chocolate tasting, the barista experience and the craft beer tasting, all provided by local enthusiasts. 

"Localness and authenticity are at the heart of our Original Sokos Hotel concept and correspondingly, this new kind of service offering is well-suited to the concept of the new member of the Solo family. We can now recommend personalised service, high-quality ingredients and culture to our customers. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception this kind of service will have," says Sanna Paloniemi, general manager of the soon to be opened Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone.


What is Doerz?

Doerz is a Finnish travel service platform that offers private individuals a way to make services aimed at both travellers and local people available for purchase on the internet. Doerz offers travellers an easy way to find interesting things to do with trusted local people.

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