Events in Kuopio

You are warmly welcome to Kuopio - the heart of Finland!

Located on the shore of Kallavesi, Kuopio is the city of thousands of flavours with events around the year in the middle of beautiful green nature and genuine people. In Kuopio you will experience the soul of events with your eyes, mouth and whole body. 
For more information about events and activities in Kuopio visit the Kuopio Tahko area website and the events' direct sites:

Kuopio Market Place

Mualiman napa also known as the center of the universe is a local sight you have to see with your own eyes while in Kuopio. The Market Place is located only within five minutes' walk from our hotel. From the market you can find local treats, crafts and souvenirs to take home with you.


Puijo Tower

At the peak of happiness on the legendary Puijo Tower in Kuopio, you can sense the presence of nature and enjoy breathtaking views all around the city. Puijo Peak has exciting, year-round activities, including extreme sports, nature and digital adventures.


Kuopio Music Centre

The Kuopio Music Centre offers versatile and high-class music experiences for the friends of music. The Kuopio City Orchestra brings international level conductors, soloist guests and the stars of Finnish entertainment.

Finland Ice Marathon 25.2.2023

Finland Ice Marathon is one of the oldest Finland's ice skating events on natural ice. The event is arranged on natural ice of Lake Kallavesi. 


Kuopio Dance Festival 14.-20.6.2023  

Kuopio Dance Festival has been a yearly event since year 1970. The festival week consists of about 100 different proposals, dance courses, open-air events, artist interviews, square dances and other auxiliary programs. The event strives to be a social contributor that unites people from different backgrounds and creates a sense of community and belonging.


Kuopio Wine Festival 30.6.-9.7.2023

Kuopio Wine Festival is the largest wine and food festival in Finland. Every year about 35 000 friends of good food and wine are gathered in the harbor near our hotel.


Kuopio Rock 27.–29.7.2023

Kuopio Rock festival will be held in the familiar Väinölänniemi, within 5 minutes from our hotel. The biggest rock festival in Savonia will have many famous artists from around the world.


Sunsets Kuopio 5.–6.8.2023

Sunsets Kuopio is the biggest free sporting and entertainment in Finland. The event takes place in the harbor of Kuopio on the first weekend of august 5.-6.8.2022. Sunsets Kuopio brings participants of more than ten sports to the harbor area. You can also find Liana jumping, Children World of Partanen or new Wellness Area. In the evening a party of top artists will kick up the atmosphere.


ANTI Contemporary Art Festival 2022 12.-17.9.2023

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival is an annual contemporary art festival in Kuopio. Projects by artists from around the world inhabit the spaces of public life – homes, shops, city squares, business, forests, lakes – and directly engage communities and audiences in the making and showing of their work. The festival is free to attend.


Kuopio Christmas Market

Beautiful Kuopio Christmas Market will be opened again on December. Christmas Market's timetable will be announced during the autumn.