Events in Kuopio

You are warmly welcome to Kuopio in the heart of Finland to be our Guest! Kuopio is the capital of Lakeland area with greenest forests, beauty and purity of snow and ice.

More information about events and activities:

Kuopio Tahko Area

Kuopion Komediafestivaali 7.-9.6.2018

Kuopio Dance Festival 13.-19.6.2018

Kuopio Wine Festival 29.6.-7.7.2018

Kuopio RockCock 26.-28.7.2018

Sunsets Kuopio 2.-4.8.2018

Kuopio Maraton 1.9.2018

Kuopio ANTI Festival 25.-30.9.2018

Kuopion Musiikkikeskus

Kuopion kaupunginteatteri