Estonian museums are having a party!

Estonian museums are having a party!

Estonia has reached the grand old age of 100 this year, so naturally it's having a party – and Museum Night will be joining in every which way it can! This year's event, taking place on 19 May, has the umbrella theme ‘Night of Parties' and will see more than 200 museums opening their doors to everyone interested from 18:00-23:00 free of charge. The KGB Museum at Original Sokos Hotel Viru will be partying along with everyone else and looks forward to receiving visitors on the 23rd floor.

Free excursions will be held as part of the event: at 17:30 and 20:30 in Estonian and at 19:00 in Russian. The excursions last for one hour. Find out more and register
AAdditional information:

The most glamorous parties during the Soviet era were held at the Viru Variety Club. It was arguably the most legendary place in the entire city, where many longed to show their face and be seen. But to get a ticket you had to run the gauntlet, using every contact you had and any other means at your disposal. Knowing the guy on the door and having some spare roubles in your pocket always helped. The club saw performances from some of the best artists in the country, including ballerina Ülle Ulla, singers Marju Kuut, Els Himma, Jaak Joala and Ivo Linna and many more.

The line-up of stars continues today as part of the Viru Hotel cabaret review Forever Young, dedicated to the centenary of the Estonian Republic. Performances resume on 12 October. Come along on Museum Night and hear Soviet-era stories about the KGB and the hotel!