Easier hotel stays for S-Card customers

The Sokos Hotels application makes travelling even more effortless. Have you already tried out the various features of the application? 

With the application, you can make and edit reservations for all Sokos Hotels in Finland and Tallinn. If necessary, you can add your corporate agreement code to your reservation. 

The application allows you to quickly see the details of your reservation, such as the reservation number. You can also check the reservation code you used and add the reservation to your calendar. In addition to the reservation information, checking the services of a hotel is also easy. The application takes you directly to the websites of the hotel's restaurants so that you can conveniently book a table during your stay at the hotel.   

Checking in and out, as well as paying for your stay, can be handled easily. This makes your entry to the hotel faster and allows you to avoid any extra waiting time at reception. Storing the details of your payment cards is now even easier. 

Electronic passenger card. You can also fill in a passenger card in advance using the application. When you arrive at the hotel, you can just pick up the key at reception.

Mobile key. You also have access to a mobile key. You can handle your reservation from start to finish easily, quickly and safely with your phone. Carry out an online check-in with the Sokos Hotels application, complete a pre-filled electronic passenger card and activate the mobile key. The mobile key activates and is ready to use when your room is ready.

You can check the situation of your S-Card benefits and points easily with one click. You can easily follow the benefits you are using. You can also see the purchases recorded for you and your upcoming S-points. This way, you can ensure that you always get the most out of you S-Card membership.

Hotel-specific S-Card benefits. The application displays the benefits available to S-Card members at the hotel during the accommodation already when making the reservation. The benefits can also be found on the reservation timeline where they can be easily accessed. You will know, for example, which sports equipment to take with you.

You can download the Sokos Hotels application from your app store. You log in to the application using your S User Account. If you do not yet have an S User Account, you can create it here »