Discover wintry Lakeland and our national scenery

Experience the silence of untouched nature, take a dip in the icy waters of a wilderness lake, watch the sunset in the national landscape, ski in the magnificent fell landscape and taste local Finnish flavors. Kainuu, Bomba, Koli and Tahko are all unique destinations in their own way, but nature is wonderful in all. Explore the diverse resorts of the eastern part of Finnish Lakeland!

In North Karelia, you are at the roots of Finnishness


North Karelia is the easternmost part of Finnish Lakeland. It is known for its unique culture, rich culinary traditions and rugged nature. The legends of our national epic Kalevala originate from this area, and you can experience our beloved national landscape at the top of Koli National Park.

Joensuu, which is an hour's drive from both the Karelian village of Bomba and Koli National Park, can be reached by plane and train from Helsinki.

Koli represents the most beloved landscape in Finland


The landmark of North Karelia is the famous Ukko-Koli hill, located in Koli National Park. The views that open from the top of the hill towards Lake Pielinen have inspired many Finnish artists, such as national composer Jean Sibelius and painter Eero Järnefelt. This is Finland's national scenery.

Some of Finland's most diverse nature attractions are hidden between the hills of Koli and the islands of Lake Pielinen. Operators in the area arrange guided excursions to magnificent nature destinations, on skis, mountain bikes and snowshoes. Lake Pielinen invites you for ice fishing and ice swimming. Experiencing a smoke sauna is Finland at its best.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli is located in the picturesque Koli National Park, close to the peaks of Koli. You will feel relaxed simply by admiring the breathtaking view. The hotel also has a luxury spa with small outdoor pools, with a spectacular view. The slopes of Ukko-Koli can be accessed directly from the hotel. Koli Ski offers stunning snow-covered views towards Lake Pielinen.

Opening in summer 2023, Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä serves as a gateway to the national park. The diverse hiking trails literally start from the hotel yard. The atmosphere of the national park's trails is reflected in the hotel, with an interior inspired by Koli's beautiful seasons and outdoor living.

Karelian life in Bomba


Beautiful nature, a rural landscape and authentic Karelian culture at its best – Lakeland Bomba equals a hospitable and peaceful way of life. The Bomba House and Karelian village represent Karelian architecture and culture down to every log and barn. Accommodation in the idyllic Karelian village is also possible; staying in one of the cozy lodges will offer an experience of Karelian hospitality at its best!

The Bomba restaurant with its local food and wines lets you explore the Karelian food culture. At the Bomba house, groups can take part in a Karelian pie workshop. The wine tasting at the Valamo Monastery combined with the Valamo menu with local flavors is a great culinary experience.

The spa hotel Break Sokos Hotel Bomba is located on the shores of Lake Pielinen, nearby a Karelian village. The spa hotel offers a breathtaking view of Lake Pielinen, while enjoying a gentle touch of waves and the warm steam of the Karelian spa on your skin.

The nearby area offers a multitude of activities: skiing and fishing, hiking, sauna experiences, snowshoeing and ice swimming.

Adventurers enjoy Tahko in Northern Savonia


Tahko Holiday Resort offers adventures, sports and relaxation. The area's nature is a surprising combination of rugged hillside scenery and beautiful lakeside nature. Tahko has 24 slopes for different levels of skiers, winter camping sites with lean-tos, an observation tower, a gorge, a spa, a bowling alley and several restaurants – also on the top of the fells.

For fans of high speeds, Tahko offers snowmobile safaris in the fell landscape and go-karting on natural ice. You can also explore the slopes in the company of a guide. There are several winter camping sites in the area, and a total of 67 km of ski tracks. Tahko also has the longest observation stairs in Finland and the longest cable slide in the Nordics.

In the evenings, you can sample local gin and enjoy a dinner at Break Sokos Hotel Tahko's restaurant.

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko is located in the middle of Tahko village, at the foot of the slopes. You can reach almost all services in the area on foot from the hotel, and ski to the slopes. The hotel is currently undergoing a gradual renovation, which will be completed in its entirety at the end of 2024.

Kuopio is well connected from Helsinki, both by train and by plane. It takes an hour (61 km) to get to Tahko from Kuopio. The distance between Tahko and Helsinki is 449 km.

In Vuokatti everything is close by


Vuokatti is a village close to nature and a popular year-round holiday destination in Sotkamo, Kainuu, in central Finland. The beautiful nature of Kainuu, its fells and waterways, as well as the diverse range of activities create a great setting for a Finnish winter holiday.

In Vuokatti, everything is close by: ski slopes, a network of ski tracks, nature trails, indoor games halls, a spa and restaurants. Vuokatti ski resort has 13 slopes and several slope cafes and restaurants. Book a guided snowshoe or ski trip for your group or invite guests on a husky safari. A sled trip in the middle of the magnificent nature is a memorable experience.

Hiidenportti National Park with its impressive gorge scenery is located only a few kilometres from Sotkamo.

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti with its saunas and restaurants is located right in the heart of the tourist area.

Kajaani Airport is located 40 km from Vuokatti and 35 km from the railway station.

Welcome to enjoy Finnish winter! Our international sales team will be happy to tell you more about our wonderful Lakeland destinations.