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Disc golf in Tallinn

Disc golf is an ideal hobby for everyone, regardless of gender, age, physical fitness or means. The use of the tracks is free, easily accessible and the only limiting factor may be the weather. But, as they say – there is no bad weather; there are just wrong clothes, says Kadi Saluoks, the new accommodation manager of Sokos Hotels Tallinn. Kadi recently discovered this hobby thanks to her son, and today she feels at home in the charming disc golf tracks in Tallinn and in the immediate surroundings – Nõmme, Männiku, Kõrvemaa, Kiiu, and Maarjamäe disc golf park, which is only a 10 minute drive away from Viru Hotel.

This sport developed in the 1970s and made it to Estonia about 15 years ago. During the last two or three years, however, disc golf has undergone explosive growth – the number of players has increased to hundreds of thousands, and there are over 70 tracks in Estonia. Since 2009, the Estonian disc golf championship has been held under the leadership of the Estonian Disc golf Association.

The rules of disc golf are in many respects similar to those of golf; here the disc also needs to be thrown into a special basket with as few hurls as possible, but disc golf also has its own code, protocol and rules, Kadi explains. When you come to play in Estonia, Kadi recommends bringing your own discs with you, because disc golf parks usually do not have the opportunity to rent them on site.

Kadi enjoys playing the most in Southern Estonia at the Otepää, Tehvandi and Kuutsemäe parks, where the rise of the rolling hills fluctuate with descends and, in addition to the game, nature is pleasing to the eye. She has not yet succeeded in achieving a hole-in-one, and she still considers herself a beginner at the game. But I keep learning the techniques of flying the disc and I enjoy every game, says Kadi beaming. She welcomes all the guests of Original Sokos Hotel Viru who are disc golf lovers to play on the Estonian tracks and after a friendly battle, to go to Amarillo restaurant to discuss the results and get some nutrition!

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