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The several thousand years old Seto polyphonic style of singing, leelo, has been entered into the UNESCO list of intangible culture, and they call themselves the king's folk. Each year, the Setos elect their king or regent, according to ancient belief the regent is the representative of the Seto god of fertility, Peko, on Earth. In addition to the king, the people also choose different craftsmen for the king, e.g. a herald, a bard, bakers of pie, bread and sour milk cheese, makers of wine, handsa spirits and beer, a strong man, a craftsman and a carpenter, etc. In accordance with the traditions, the Kingdom Day ends with a festive Seto military parade and a kirmask – a summer song and dance evening.

This year, the Seto Kingdom Day is being held on 5 August at Luhamaa. Find out more and come to see for yourself!


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