Sweet dreams by Sokos Hotels
Sweet dreams by Sokos Hotels

Customers of Sokos Hotels will in the future have access to a sleep clinic

A good night's sleep is the most important part of a hotel guest's experience. In the future, Sokos Hotels will offer its customers a sleep clinic, which will help establish and maintain good sleep patterns – also at home. The sleep clinic has been developed by Henri Tuomilehto, sleep physician, and forms part of the hotel chain's new Sweet dreams by Sokos Hotels -concept.

"A good and refreshing sleep is increasingly important to our guests. We wanted to provide more than just the physical framework for a sleep experience of high quality. This led to our developing content, in cooperation with our experienced partners at Coronaria Sleep Clinic and fitness center Liikku, which not only improves the sleep at the hotel, but can bring a lasting change to one's sleeping pattern – and thus to one's overall quality of life," Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager at Sokos Hotels, enthusiastically explains. "The sleep clinic forms part of this content."

Coronaria's specialist of sleep medicine, associate professor Henri Tuomilehto, has experience from 15 years of studying both the effects sleep has on our health and how people can improve their sleep. What then are the ways to improve sleep?

"The quest for a good night's sleep starts with understanding the importance of a good night's sleep. Once we have the understanding, each of us is able to create the elements of good sleep that suits us," says Tuomilehto.

"The next step of the sleep clinic is to create our own routines. Including some fresh air, a solid evening snack and a shower or bath would be beneficial inclusions in everyone's evening routines. One person may want to read before bed, another listen to good music. Laptops, mobile phones and tablets should be put away well before bedtime, to allow the brain to enter sleep mode. When making one's bedtime routine the best part of the day, sleep comes easy."

"It is often thought that it is difficult to fall asleep at a hotel, with the surrounding and sounds being unfamiliar at least during the first night. The fact is, however, that one can sleep even better at a hotel, than at home, when certain distractions in your everyday life are absent and you have the space to yourself. In addition, the bed is fresh, the temperature is generally good for sleeping and the room can be properly darkened," Tuomilehto points out. "It's a good idea to take full advantage of the good sleeping environment at a hotel."

Sweet dreams by Sokos Hotels is a service concept that aims to enable a restful and refreshing night's sleep for every customer. In addition to the sleep clinic, the concept includes a high quality Familon bed, good linens, a room that can be darkened, relaxing tea and a pillow and blanket menu. You can also enjoy relaxing exercises and soothing music via your hotel room TV. Additional services include relaxing oils, face masks, breakfast served in your room and the possibility of a late check-out.

The new sleep concept will be launched at Original Sokos Hotel Tripla in Helsinki, on January 13th.


More information:
Jukka Kaartinen, Development Manager, SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management, phone +358 10 768 2764, e-mail
Henri Tuomilehto, Specialist of sleep medicine, Coronaria Sleep Clinic, phone +358 40 594 5068, e-mail


Sokos Hotels is a Finnish hotel chain with 49 hotels. The three different hotel types in the chain provide each guest a unique hotel experience. Original hotels are known for their cordial service and central locations, Break hotels offer a relaxing break from everyday life and the high quality of the unique Solo hotels is reflected in both the service and hotel facilities.
Sokos Hotels has for multiple consecutive years been selected Finland's most sustainable and trusted hotel chain. The chain has hotels in Finland, Estonia and Russia. All hotels in Finland and St. Petersburg carry the Green Key symbol for their environmental work. 


Henri Tuomilehto is a sleep physician and a sleep ambassador. He acts as medical director at the Coronaria Sleep Clinic as well as advisor for, among others, the NHL-team Columbus Blue Jackets, HJK and the Finnish Olympic Committee. Henri has also counselled numerous organizations in promoting well-being and work ability through quality sleep.


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