Cooperation in Tampere with e.g. Sotaveteraanien huoltoyhdistys

Cooperation in Tampere with e.g. Sotaveteraanien huoltoyhdistys

In Tampere, there is cooperation with the Settlement Naapuri association. The work of the association, established in 1994, includes a domestic violence unit, supported housing for young people, a girls' house (Tampereen Tyttöjen Talo) and a community house for men (Miesten Kansalaistalo Mattila).

Original Sokos Hotel Ilves helps the young together with Settlement Naapuri. Funds have been raised for the society e.g. through a jumble sale arranged by Ilves personnel.

Original Sokos Hotel Ilves and Tampereen Sotaveteraanien huoltoyhdistys ('Tampere war veterans' care association') have cooperated for nearly 20 years. In December, the traditional war veterans' Christmas party was held for the first time in Hotel Ilves.  War veterans, their spouses and widows as well as the functionaries of the association had a change to enjoy Christmas foods in Ball Room of the Hotel Ilves.


Original Sokos Hotel Villa is cooperating with the Mummon Kammari centre, which organises voluntary work with the aged. The Kammari people have woven blankets for Villa's hotel rooms and woollen socks for wedding packages. The funds raised as a result of the cooperation have enabled summer jobs for many young people in assisting the elderly to go out or manage in everyday life.