Celebrate special occasions in Tallinn with Créme de la Créme

There are lots of special days on the calendar in the lead-up to spring in Estonia, including Valentine's Day, Independence Day and International Women's Day. Not to mention all the birthdays – no other time of year features more of them! And sometimes, true celebrations demand something a cut above an ordinary party. Luckily, that's exactly what the revue show Créme de la Créme by the Starlight Cabaret troupe of the Estonian Dance Agency offers! Shows were booked out in autumn, but now you have the chance to catch the spectacle once again.

Créme de la Créme sums up 10 cabaret seasons at the Merineitsi restaurant and takes you on an exclusive revue ride through a parade of hits. There are brand new revue acts put together by Estonia's top five choreographers specifically for the Starlight Cabaret troupe to be performed on their home stage at the Merineitsi, too.

And the icing on the cake? Will it be the stars of the revue troupe, Irina Haak, Kristiina Renser, Kärt Anton, Bert Pringi and Kalle Sepp? Or will the delicious treats and culinary experiences prepared by Margus Tammpere, the head chef at the restaurant, steal the show? We'll let your eyes and taste buds be the judge of that! Tickets are available online at www.viru.ee.