Burger rally: A burger for every day of the week at Amarillo!

Sokos Hotels Tallinn's newly refurbished tex-mex restaurant Amarillo has no fewer than seven different burgers on its menu: the Don Ama, the Amarillo Big Burger, the Base Burger, the Crispy Chicken, the Vege, the Chevre and the House Burger.

The last in the list is one of the restaurant's most popular burgers, featuring slow-cooked neck of pork, onion rings and smoky bacon in a chilli bun. Adding extra flavour and piquancy are spicy jam, Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, iceberg lettuce and tomato. The House Burger is served with Fajita magic fries.

Book a table by e-mailing viru.reservation@sok.fi or calling +372 680 9350.