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Heymon All Day Breakfast on tarjolla ympäri vuorokauden

At Heymo, you won't be late for breakfast – All-Day Breakfast

Would like to sleep really late for once? So late that you can have breakfast in the afternoon. Or, to break with tradition, you could have breakfast as an evening meal. At Heymo, breakfast is available from the smart vendor machine in the lobby at all hours.

A breakfast purchased in advance from the smart vendor machine can be tailored to your taste. Our selection includes various yoghurts and oat snacks. There are two types of delicious bagels to choose from: either goat cheese and pesto, or turkey, Dijon and cream cheese. You can choose between orange and apple juice, as well as pick a fruit for dessert. As for coffee and tea, as much as you like are available during your stay.

The most important thing to us is that you will not remain hungry whenever you would like to have breakfast. You can enjoy this breakfast wherever you like: take it with you or eat it at the Heymo Kitchen.

The All-Day Breakfast can be booked separately in connection with the room reservation on our website or through our sales service.

The price of the All-Day Breakfast is €8.50 per night.