Room Escape, Original Sokos Hotel Lappee, Lappeenranta

Are you ready to solve the riddle of Room Escape?

Room Escape Lappeenranta is only a stone's throw away from the hotel!

Three escape rooms – two different games

Starting from €22 per person

The recluse of Valtakatu

Not many people living in Lappeenranta know him, but everyone has heard or Jake the Pigeon. He comes out at night and on weekends and Sundays, and sits on a bench in Kirkkopuisto park to feed his pigeons. He seems to prefer the company of his winged friends over that of people.

The next time things go missing in Lappeenranta, such as bicycle seats, pushchairs and car mirrors, Jake the Pigeon is always the one to blame. You are also a victim of Jake the Pigeon! You want to get your things back, so you decide to play it rough. What happened to your things? Why does Jake the Pigeon steal? What kind of a person is Jake the Pigeon?

You can play The recluse of Valtakatu as a regular game as a team of 2–5 players in a single room OR as a battle of 4–10 players in two different rooms. We recommend The recluse of Valtakatu especially for everyone who has not played an escape room game before.

Age limit 15 years. Recommended age with parents at least 12 years.

Horror at the bank

The manager of the old corner bank in Lappeenranta is known around the country as an influential, experienced and wealthy banker, while the bank is famous for granting loans. You arrive at the bank in the hope of getting a loan. You meet Veera, a terror-stricken secretary. You hear a strange roar from the bank manager's office followed by a loud bang. The office door swings open and the banker runs out from his office, bellowing and with a crazy look in his eyes. The office door slams shut. What just happened in the room? Veera asks you to investigate what happened. Why was the vault door slammed shut? Why did the banker go crazy?

You can play Horror at the bank as a team of 2–5 players in a single room. We recommend Horror at the bank for experienced players.

Age limit 15 years. Recommended age with parents at least 12 years.

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Room Escape Lappeenranta, Valtakatu 33, 53100 Lappeenranta, tel.: +358 10 762 1455