Amarillo's grand re-opening is all set for 27 April!

Amarillo's grand re-opening is all set for 27 April!

Everyone will find something they love! The tacos, fajitas and nachos with which friends of Amarillo of old are familiar can be found on the Mad Mex menu, while the Specials menu features grilled dishes that are perfect for sharing. The Classics menu showcases Amarillo's greatest hits and most popular meat and chicken dishes over the years, including burgers.

The team will have its own role to play in the redesigned restaurant – wait staff have metamorphosed into entertainers. Their new title speaks for itself! We'll be making sure that every night out at Amarillo is an entertaining one and a true experience from your first drink to the end of your meal. We'll be mixing together a great atmosphere and ‘music' where the right notes are picked by the guests themselves.

And the innovations will continue beyond opening day: in a month's time, visitors will be asked to take a seat at The Table, which is a dinner format offering a true communal dining experience. It will see up to eight diners, who may or may not know one another, sitting together at one table to enjoy a surprise menu in which everything is designed for sharing.

Following its makeover, Amarillo will seat up to 270 guests. Come and take a look for yourself on 27 April!

The workaday world keeps us all apart, but Amarillo brings us all together! See you there!