A walk that leaves a good taste in your mouth
A walk that leaves a good taste in your mouth!

A walk that leaves a good taste in your mouth!

Spend a day in Turku experiencing new delightlful tastes and enjoying the summertime riverside. The Turku Food Walk card will lead you straight to the heart of Turku's restaurant culture. The route along the banks of the River Aura takes you to authentically local restaurants that offer the most delicious tastes in Turku.

*Visit Turun tourist office, Aurakatu 2, 20100 Turku
*Visit Turku online: BUY HERE.

Turku Food Walk -restaurants:

PS. After you have used your Food Walk card, there's still one benefit left: 15 % off your meal at a participating Food Walk restaurant!

• The card holder may visit five restaurants from the ten options in the order they wish.
• Turku Food Walk is also suitable for groups. We recommend you reserve a table, especially if your group has more than 4 persons.
• The card must be presented to the restaurant staff at the time of order.
• The card is valid for three days from the first point of purchase.
• Drinks are not included in the price of the card, special dietary needs are taken into consideration.
• The card is valid in 2019.
• The card is not valid on public/religious holidays.
• Visit Turku is not responsible for changes in opening hours.
• The price of the card is 44 €.

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