A rare sight at Kadriorg Art Museum. Photo: Kadriorg Art Museum

A rare sight at Kadriorg Art Museum

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) is one of the most famous representatives of Russian art, whose seascapes wowed audiences in his own lifetime and continue to do so today. The 39 paintings from Russian, Latvian and Estonian collections in the exhibition ‘Aivazovsky: In Pursuit of the Ideal' include one belonging to the Art Museum of Estonia, ‘View of Mount Vesuvius a Day Before the Volcanic Eruption', which has not been on public display since 1886.

Ivan Aivazovsky's grand work has been held by the museum since 1988, but it was previously in poor condition and required extensive restoration. This lengthy process has now been completed and the results can be seen and enjoyed by everyone who attends the exhibition. ‘Aivazovsky: In Pursuit of the Ideal' is open at Kadriorg Art Museum until 8 July 2018. Book yourself a room and enjoy some unique art!

Did you know that Kadriorg was named after Tsar Peter I's beloved Catherine, who rose from the ranks of servant to tsarina? On his many visits to Tallinn the tsar fell in love with the place to such an extent that he decided to have a summer palace built here – which today is home to Kadriorg Art Museum.

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