10. Kerros Christmas Buffet in Vaakuna

10. Kerros Christmas Buffet is served 8.-22.12.2022, mon-fri 11.30am - 3pm. Welcome!

74,80€/adult, children 3-12 yrs. 24,20€


Selection of roe L, G

Whitefish roe, rainbow trout roe, lemon Cavi-Art VE, smetana and onion

Baltic herring in mustard sauce L, G, house Baltic herring L, G,

marinated herring L, G and minced herring L, G

Ice cellar salmon and maître d'hôtel sauce D, G

Smoked salmon and tartar sauce D, G

Arctic Toast Skagen L

Smoked reindeer and pear tartare D, G

Rustic pâté and nuts L

Brawn D, G

Smoked turkey fillet D, G

Cumberland sauce with red onion L, G

Baked ham and mustard L, G

Dill potatoes D, G

"Rosolli" (beetroot salad) with beetroot cream L, G

Wild mushroom salad L, G

Cranberry salad D, G

Green salad D, G

Marinated tomatoes D, G


Lutefisk L and béchamel sauce L

Christmas sausages L

Karelian hotpot D, G

Traditional swede casserole, L carrot casserole L, G and

potato casserole L, G

Prunes D, G and peas D, G

Glazed root vegetables D, G

Traditional Christmas bread L, rye bread L,

house bread L and butter G


Panna cotta with cardamom L, G

Cheeses G and fruit G, VE

Chocolate cake with meringue L, G

Christmassy gateau L

Cranberry and caramel mousse L

Assortment of cookies L

Traditional Christmas Pie

Marmalade G, VE

L = lactose-free, D = dairy-free, G = gluten-free, VE = vegan


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