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Enjoy Break:

The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis are flaming in the sky. The trees in the woods are cracking in cold weather and there is electricity in the air. Is it a fire fox that is polishing his fur against the mountain and throwing flashing sparks on to the sky? They are magnificent, those lights. They are flaming in blue, red and green in the vault of heaven. Even the reindeer are packing in together to watch and wonder. Best time to hunt those lights is night time. But remember that then you have to put on very warm winter clothes.

Relax Break:

Take a Nap or get a massage!

Learning Break:

If you learn finnish language, it is like learning any other language. You literally gain a new world. It opens windows to endless opportunitiesand experiences when you are travelling. If you are visiting Lapland you will find that many residents and service providers speak English. Few words in finnish: Thank you - Kiitos, Good morning - Hyvää huomenta, How are you? - Mitä kuuluu?, I love you - minä rakastan sinua.

The best universal language is often a simple SMILE. All you need to have a good time is a smile and a positive attitude.

Inspirational Break:

The pre-Christian Lapp religion had an animistic world-view. The worship was shamanistic. The shaman (noaidi) used the magic drum and the yoik to get into trance. In the Lapp siida or society the shaman  was the most important person. He had extraordinary powers. The shamans were the link between humans and the spirits of nature on "the other side". You have to make a visit to Samiland and eat lappish food from open-fire.

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