Things to see and do in Kokkola

There's the sea, nature and the old town, with beautiful old homes all around.

Kauppatori, the marketplace, is one of the city's central places, the evening market offering enjoyment to visitors of all ages.

Tour our beautiful city by bike and take home memories of summer restaurants, cafés and sandy beaches.
We have boutiques, flea markets and great shops, and we would love to give you our best tips.

Kokkola is also full of culture, music and art, so come, enjoy and take part. Chamber orchestras, theatres and concerts make you feel good and enrich your life.

Once upon the time, you could see the old lighthouse island TANKAR's lights, now you can embark MS Jenny and go see the sights. The island's nature and peace will charm your mind, and the fishing village's soup will have you licking your lips.

The summer restaurant MUSTAKARI is a real pearl, and their food is an absolute delight. There are sunsets and ships and sails, many moments for unforgettable tales. The kitchen serves you tasty dishes, making true many wishes.

Our old town NERISTAN is an old story, inviting you to wander and wonder at its glory.

Don't forget VESIVEIJARI, our swimming centre that you can visit even in the winter, and enjoy the many slides and joyful glides.

There's so much to experience, almost enough to make you delirious.

When you enter the Kaarle Hotel, we promise to make you feel swell.

Choose your room from these two; Tankar is an Islander room, while Nerista is filled with vintage feeling, atmospheric and appealing.


Enjoy a relaxing sauna bath in the evening, our renewed saunas are already steaming.
First, work up a sweat in our new gym, relax in the sauna and then party in Nightclub Calle, filled to the brim.

Never forget a hearty breakfast, with plenty of local treats, the freshest. There is an islander atmosphere, full of homemade delicacies and good cheer.

Happy travels, come back soon, not just once in a blue moon!

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Kauppatori 4 67100, Kokkola
Kauppatori 4
67100, Kokkola