Hotel Kimmel has played an important part as one of the touristic highlights of Northern Karelia.

As the site for the planned hotel, the local cooperative had acquired from Matti Hallman the site of an old mill on the eastern shore of Pielisjoki river. The hotel and restaurant were designed by architect Pauli Lehtinen, the construction works were supervised by Martti Peippo from SOK property management and the actual constructor was Jouni Puhakka from Joensuu.

Built in practically no time at all, the hotel was named Kimmel, as an allusion to the glittering waters of Pielisjoki river.The elegant hotel and its interior were met with well-deserved admiration. Completed in 1977, the hotel had 100 rooms.

The opening ceremony on 20 April 1977 was attended by several dignitaries, among them President Urho Kekkonen. As a memento, all invited guests were presented octagonal tumblers, echoing the shape of the dancing floor in the restaurant.

Open until 3 a.m. seven days a week, Kimmel's nightclub was the place to be for both visiting conference guests and local from the town and its surroundings. In the late 1980s, the Sokos Hotels chain introduced Cuban dance and music groups and the colourful samba carnivals in Joensuu and Kimmel.

Current Hotel Kimmel has been built in stages. The second stage in 1987 added another 130 rooms in the so-called wing. Today, there are a total of 230 rooms, mostly single and double rooms, one President Suite, three Junior Suites and 32 Superior rooms.

On the ground floor, there is an elegant sauna section, complete with swimming pool and gym.In addition, there are dining restaurant Fransmanni, catering and dance restaurant Riverside, nightclub Night as well as the inviting Pub Virta.







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