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In Iisalmi you can exercise both the body and mind – we have theatre in summer and winter, a rich history, beautiful buildings, and wonderful landscapes. Don't miss out on all that Iisalmi has to offer!

The Koljonvirta region

Koljonvirta is a versatile recreational and tourist destination for the whole family. The covered summer theatre in Mansikkaniemi offers cultural experiences in the midst of nature. And in the adjacent Juhani Aho Museum, you can get learn about the nineteenth-century parish setting where our national writer hails from. The Mäntyla house in the area has an exhibition of the Finnish War (1808-1809) and the Koljonvirta battles.

Iisalmi Cultural Centre

The Iisalmi Cultural Centre, in Church Park, has many events. In addition to concerts and theatre performances, there are lectures, seminars, training sessions, celebrations, and many other events in the Centre.


For those in search of culture and history, Iisalmi offers several different museums: The Brewery Museum founded by the local brewery company Olvi, the Cultural Centre's Natural History Museum, a traditional local region museum, and the Juhani Aho Museum in Mansikkaniemi.

The Town Square and Market Square

Iisalmi's town life is brisk, especially in the summer and when events are on. The Market Hall has a number of local companies selling their wares, and you can also enjoy the Teuvo Länsivuori exhibition there. In the market you'll meet genuine, broad-accented Iisalmi locals, who like nothing more than a good chat.

The harbour area

Iisalmi harbour is the northernmost part of Lake Saimaa, and has long been a popular terminal harbour for ships.Nowadays, the area is the ideal service hub for boaters. The harbour is also home to Kuappi ("wardrobe" or "cupboard" in the Savonian dialect), which, true to its name, is the world's smallest restaurant. You'll also enjoy the cafes along the shoreline in the town.

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