Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta's history goes back to 1955, when the hotel opened its doors in the new Osuuskauppa commercial building on Savonkatu.  The 14-room hotel was extended several times over the years as part of renovations. The hotel currently has 104 rooms.

Many locals still remember the 250-seat traditional dance venue on the second floor. This stylish venue and its bar were very popular. The biggest changes occurred in 1980, when the restaurant facilities moved to the street level. Three different types of restaurants were built then: Suvanto, the dance club Pyörre, and the Kuohu pub in the basement. From that time on, Kuohu remains in the same premises, upholding its long tradition under the same name. The dining restaurant was renewed a few years later, when the fifth restaurant in the Rosso chain, and the first in Iisalmi, was opened there. At the same time, the dance restaurant changed its name to Villikisssa ("wildcat"). The restaurant and its "diamond dances" became known throughout Upper Savo. Over the years, Villikissa changed name and locations a number of times. At the moment it is the Bepop nightclub. In the 1990s an Irish bar was opened in the hotel; it was originally called "Irkkubaari", and is now O'Nelly's Irish Bar. The hotel's range of restaurant services is complemented by a branch of the Hesburger fast food chain, which opened in 2012.

Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta is a pleasant and functional hotel restaurant with conference facilities.

Welcome to cosy Koljonvirta!

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Savonkatu 18 74100, Iisalmi
Savonkatu 18
74100, Iisalmi