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To see in Vaasa

To see and sights in Vaasa

The staff of Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa will be happy to give tips about events and attractions in Vaasa.

Kvarken Archipelago

Beautiful Kvarken Archipelago is the only Finnish natural heritage on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Kvarken is the narrowest part of Gulf of Bothnia and it is located between Vaasa and Umeå (Sweden). There are approximately 5,600 islands in Kvarken Archipelago and several geological rareness can be found there!

Bridge of Replot

Bridge of Replot is the longest bridge in Finland (1,045m). It unites the archipelago to the mainland and replaced the ferries that sailed before it was built. The bridge serves more than 2,000 inhabitants of the archipelago on a daily basis and makes it easy to reach the archipelago for travelers.

Ghosts of Vaasa

If you are looking for a spooky excitement, take the tour of Ghosts of Vaasa attractions. The route will take you to the most ancient parts of Vaasa, to the history and legends of Vaasa. During the tour of Ghosts of Vaasa you can explore history and the legends of the city. Ghosts can appear in the most unpredictable places, such as in hotels, homes and museums as well as in the woods surrounding the city.

Aava Kerttu's home farm

At Aava Kerttu's home farm in Södra Vallgrund, animal lovers can spend a relaxing day and enjoy a genuine rural setting, while having a cup of coffee or grooming and looking after the animals.


Öjberget is worth a visit, with the whole family. In winter time you can go snowboarding or cross-country skiing and in the summer it is nice to walk the nature trails. You can also find workout stairs, with 271 steps on the hill.

Enjoy Vaasa on a bike

Ride your bike around the town and enjoy gorgeous park sceneries. In the summer you can make a pit stop at Hietasaari beach and dip in the refreshing waves. During the winter the you can enjoy the views of the icy ocean. Many people have heard the name Strömsö which is situated nine kilometers from the city center. Take a picnic lunch with you and enjoy it in the Strömsö beach or in the garden of Strömsö villa.