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Restaurants at Original Sokos Hotel Royal

At Original Sokos Hotel Royal, you can find a diverse range of restaurants under one roof!

Trattoria Puistiko

The atmosphere of Trattoria Puistikko, located by the Hovioikeudenpuistikko esplanade, is attractive, the flavours and atmosphere memorable. "The lush and pulsating atmosphere of the esplanade, significant for the residents of Vaasa, is just right for an Italian-inspired restaurant, where you can enjoy yourself for a longer period of time – in the company of a large and cheerful group of people," says Hellqvist.

The menu at Trattoria Puistikko consists of a delicious selection of pasta dishes, pizzas, skillfully prepared grill dishes, generous servings of risotto and crispy salads. The kitchen is filled with the aromas of the Italian cuisine, such as tomatoes, garlic, sage and various cheeses. The menu is complemented by a high-quality selection of wines from the old continent.

You can find opening hours, menus and other information at Raflaamo!


"Serving kebabs that are greener and fresher, crafted and creative, colorful, and credible".

Forget about fast food and paper wrappings, as the kebab, with its thousand-year tradition, will be given the value it deserves!

In addition to premium kebabs and carefully selected beers and wines, the beautiful dishes and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant will tempt you to stay longer than what you have been used to in kebab places. “Babista is really colorful and inviting. By introducing this type of restaurant concept into the hotel environment, we invite the residents to our hotel, filled with energy and life".

You can find opening hours, menus and other information at Raflaamo!

Restaurant Royal

The colourful and bright Restaurant Royal serves as both the hotel's welcoming breakfast room and versatile event restaurant. The energizing breakfast is served at sunrise, and meeting lunches offered during the day. In the evenings, Restaurant Royal's tables are set for great dinners and casual evenings, in accordance with the hotel's long culinary tradition.

Located in front of Restaurant Royal, the Lounge, with sofas and groups of tables, acts as the heart of the hotel, around the clock. This where you get together with colleagues, have a drink before the evening, meet up with acquaintances, grab an evening snack or do some remote work. The large windows facing the city offer an opportunity to both see and be seen.

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The shop in the reception is open 24 hours a day, there are e.g. drinks and snacks for sale. We also sell timeless keepsakes to practical items for everyday use.

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