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Near the hotel there is both outdoor and indoor parking areas for our guests to use during their stay for a parking fee.

Toriparkki located approx. 100m from the hotel

There is a paid indoor parking space for cars at Toriparkki, which we co-operate with. Vaasa Toriparkki is one of the largest parking facilities in Finland, with 836 parking spaces on two floors in the heart of Vaasa under the market square. The distance between the parking garage and the hotel is approx. 350 m.



With S-Card 12€/day

Address for the navigator:

Coming from the south: Kauppapuistikko 15.

Coming from the north: Kauppapuistikko 10.

Driving directions:

Driving directions when arriving from the south (from the direction of Tampere): after the highway, continue along Kauppapuistikko towards the city. 30 meters before the market, a ramp goes underground (under the market) from the lane.

Driving directions when arriving from the north (from the direction of Kokkola): when approaching the city, you will come to a viaduct under which the railway passes. On the viaduct, drive into the left lane and at the traffic lights turn left onto Asemakatu. After this, follow the Toriparkki signs.

On arrival:

Your car's registration number will be the identification in the future. When you arrive or leave Toriparkki driving in front of the leverage bar and it opens automatically. Continue into the parking garage and choose a parking spot freely. Inform about parking at the hotel reception and make the payment to the hotel.

In cases where the camera does not read the registration number the machine gives you a ticket. Take the ticket and drive into the parking garage. Give the entrance ticket to the hotel reception upon check-in and you can make the payment directly to our reception.

On leaving:

When you have paid the parking fee at the hotel reception, you don´t have to go via the automatic pay station before driving out.

Your car's registration number will be the identification in the future. When you arrive or leave Toriparkki driving in front of the leverage bar and it opens automatically.

EasyPark's parking app:

In Toriparkki you can also use EasyPark's parking app. If you use the app, the camera will read your registration sign as you drive in to the garage, the barrier will open and the parking period will start. As you drive out from the garage the camera will read your registration sig again, the barrier will lift for you and the parking period ends. You can get the receipt from your own side on or in the mobile app. If you prefer to use the parking rate offered for our hotel guests, please de-activate the EasyPark app.


Car max. height 2.3 m.

Opening hours:

The entrance to Toriparkki from the street is closed 9pm - 7am. In front of the door on the driver's side is a post. Press the telephonebutton to contact the office, which will then open the door for you.

Car lots for the disabled:

There are two car lots reserved for the disabled. These are located at the upper level.

Electric vechicle charging points:

On the lower level of Toriparkki, there are 9 electric vehicle charging points. One of the charging points has a fast charging option. The charging points can be used around the clock.

Price for electric vehicle charging:

AC-charger 0,22 €/kWh + parking fee

DC-quick charger 0 €/kWh, 0,2 €/min + parking fee

Recharge stations for electric cars at lower level (9 pcs).

Info tel. 0800 02200 (24/7)

The charging points can not be reserved in advance.

Outdoor parking lot:

Outdoor parking spaces can be found in the courtyard of our hotel. Drive in Rosteninkatu 8 or Pitkäkatu 41.


10€ /day

8€ /day for S-Card and S-Card Premium customers (red and black S-Card membership card)