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Things to do

Things to do

The oldest city in Finland, Turku, whose founding year is considered to be 1229, is located in southwestern Finland at the foot of the Aura River. Turku is a city of art, history and culture.

In the course of history, Finland's first capital has served as an important gateway to the west. Turku is still an important commercial port city, and there is frequent passenger ferry traffic from the port of Turku to Mariehamn and Stockholm.

Turku's events and attractions attract many domestic and foreign tourists every year. The Aurajoki river running through the center, valuable cultural and historical milieus, and the vast and scenic Turku Archipelago located in front of Turku make the city unique. Historical sites ranging from Turku Castle to the Cathedral are the city's most famous attractions. Go for a walk of a few kilometers or borrow a bike from our hotel and immerse yourself in Turku's history and present day.

We picked up unmissable visiting tips from our staff:

Turku Castle

Turku Cathedral


Aboa Vetus Ars Nova

Turku Art Museum

WAM Turku City Art Museum