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Gunnar Eatery & Bar

Gunnar Eatery & Bar is for residents, passers-by, connoisseurs, groups and parties. "Gunu" is a restaurant service forged by our Turku world travelers. Food made with love, time to be together, enjoyable and fun memories, this is the moment with Gunnar.

It's easy to pop into the Gunnar Eatery & Bar for a glass even after a day of work. There are real gems in the drink products - almost all of our wines and champagne are served by the glass. For true wine lovers, a limited-edition rarity is available from our cellar list. We favor local producers in our beverage choices. You can come to Gunnar alone or in a larger group.

A large chef's table made of elm, poured from Porthan Park, invites the party to dine together for a treat. The table is an honor for the local woodwork skill, as it was made as a student work at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In Gunnar, the locality is reflected not only in the interior but also in the food and raw materials.

The classics on the menu are complemented by dishes and seasonal menus that change four times a year, respecting seasonal ingredients. Uncomplicated food, time spent together, enjoyable and funny memories, this is a moment in Gunnar's company.

For guests staying with us, we also have room service available. (Room service fee 15€.)

We strongly recommend making a table reservation in advance! The most popular time to indulge takes place daily between 18:00 and 21:00.

Book your table easily here.

On weekends, a delicious brunch is served at Gunnar Upstairs (2nd floor), make a reservation for brunch here.

Give in to your senses and go on a taste journey with us!