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The warm embrace of soft sheets, a leisurely stretch and the delicious aroma of coffee wake your senses to the new day. Let us pamper you and bring you a symphony of aromas and flavours. Solo breakfast is served on the second floor: Mon - Sun 6.30 - 11.00 a.m.

The morning dew tickles my ankles, sending a frisson through my whole body, the warm air makes my cheeks glow. It's morning at the Kotipelto garden and you will get to enjoy their fresh salads and herbs at breakfast. You can smell the herbs as soon as you step into the breakfast room; it makes you feel like you are part of the garden.

Carefully selected local artisanal products, fresh coffee and first class service – the ingredients for a perfect breakfast made especially for you.

Breakfast for customers who are not staying in the hotel

Pampering breakfast for customers who are not staying in the hotel, 25€/person. We warmly suggest you to book table in advance. Book your table here.

Solo-breakfast in bed

Warm sheets, a soft dressing gown, light music and complete relaxation with breakfast in bed. You can have the morning all to yourself by ordering breakfast to your room for €29/person. There is a wide range of our delicious breakfast products to choose from.