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Wiklund Wirta meetings


Wirta meetings

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund Turku also offers different and versatile meeting rooms for many different occasions. We have meeting rooms for 12-100 people and our rooms are worth a visit!

Are you looking for an unusual, stimulating space for meetings? Welcome to the energetic Wirta of the Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund in Turku! Wirta's inspiringly decorated spaces are perfect for an ideation session, a relaxed team meeting or even a memorable kick-off event at Wiklund 3rd floor.

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Each of our meeting spaces is unique and each space has its own theme.

In the Huvila, you can sit on our swings or in the village school to experience the atmosphere of the old school!

Huvila (22 people) and Laituri (16 people) in the landscape of Ruissalo, the Finnish Koivikko (12 people) and the Kyläkoulu of the past (12 people) together form a coffee market, where you can spend a day of meetings, for example, a graduation party. The facilities can also be reserved separately and you can use them freely during your event.

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You can find it at Wirta's coffee market

  • salty and sweet biscuits
  • nuts
  • fruit
  • juice
  • candies and chocolate
  • smoothies
  • coffee / tea

Finnish people run on coffee, so coffee is served non-stop when the meeting is in Wirta. No coffee, no meeting.

Wau what a Wauditorio

When you want a little more from your event - choose the captivating and unforgettable Wauditorio with its plush armchair seats and footrests for 56 people. The excellent image quality and sound reproduction enable your event to be a little more than a normal meeting room - use it at kick-off events, media events, launches or programmatic events. Hybrid events are also possible.

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