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Things to do

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund Turku has an excellent locations just few steps from sightseeings and things to do!

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund Turku has a perfect location in heart of city Turku.

Our hotel is next to our newly renovated market square which is full of life all year.

Not far away from the market square you can also find our market hall.

In the market hall you can find local delicacies and souvenirs, but also foreign flavors.

One of our landmarks is also this lovely animal statue, that we recommend to visit. It goes by name "Posankka". Posankka also has kids! You can find them from terminals at the harbor and airport.

Turku Catehdral is also one of the places a local would recommend you to visit. Cathedral has been Turku's landmark for over 700 years.

Another building that we have had ages is our Castle. You can read here what our Turku Castle has to offer.

Here you can check what other places you'd like to visit!

Near city center we also use to have a prison, Kakola. In this prison we have had some of our history's biggest criminals. If you would like to visit this old prison (these days there is a spa, hotel, restaurants etc.) you can go there with funicular.

We have had our share of issues with this one, so if you want to walk to the hill that is also a good option.

When you are exploring our beautiful city make sure that your bath goes along our river, aurajoki. There you will find some restaurants, part of old Turku in Aboa Vetus and much more!

Ask for a city map from our reception!