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Wiklund has been in heart of Turku since 1907 offering a place to meet, have a cup of coffee, shop and enjoy! at Wiklund you will be always greeted with joy!


This day Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund is a part of full service-center in heart of Turku.

1895 - Hardware merchant Axel Wiklund establishes his first hardware store next to Turku's market square.

1907 - the business is expanding to the adjacent property along Kauppiaskatu

1957 - Turku is rapidly modernizing and the first modern department store Oy Wiklund Ab is being completed on Kauppiaskatu.

1958 - SOK buys the business of Oy Wiklund Ab from the inheritance of the Wiklund family. The cooperative continues the large-scale development project of the Wiklund block.

1961 - The construction of Wiklund corner and its iconic tower house begins.

1963 - Wiklund's corner" takes on its familiar shape when the expanded department store opens to customers. In addition to the department store, the tower block housed the headquarters of Turku Cooperative.

The department store's selection is unprecedented. On the ground floor, you can find the household goods and hardware store departments. The street level houses a convenience store, paper, book, and men's accessories and cosmetics departments. On the second floor you can find both women's and children's accessories, as well as shoes and home textiles. Customers are also served by a cafe. The offer on the third floor includes outdoor accessories, toys and sports equipment.

1986 - Sokos Hotel City Börs starts operating and Wiklund Herkku is renovated.

2006 - TOK buys the business of Turku Sokos Oy and Sokos Wiklund property from SOK.

2007 - The development of the Wiklund block and the expansion project of Sokos Wiklund begin.

In the block, the Sokos department store will be expanded and renovated, and at the same time the hotel rooms of Sokos Hotel City Börs, which operates in the same property, will be renovated. The services of grocerystore and the restaurant, which operates in connection with the department store, will also be renewed and expanded.

2008 - Newly renovated S-market Wiklund Herkku opens to customers.

With the renovation, both the surface area and the store's selections will almost double!

2008 - Sokos Wiklund renovation celebration.

The purchase of the Wiklund property from SOK in 2006 and the renovation is Turku Osuuskauppa's largest single investment to this date.

2011 - The renovation of Sokos Wiklund is completed.

2018 -Turku Osuuskauppa is starting Wiklund's complete renovation project.

With the new restaurant, hotel and entertainment functions, Wiklund, located in the center of Turku, will become a versatile center for living.

2019- The completely renewed Wiklund will open during the spring

The renewed Wiklund is not just a department store, but a center of living. Wiklund lives with you. At Wiklund, we meet, eat, "go for coffee", shop, work and stay overnight. Wiklund is from Turku at heart, and it beats with the growing and developing city.

There is a special range of restaurant services, of which the customers are served by the Coffee House, which has already become a regular place for many, and the Italian-style Trattoria, as well as the Wine Bar Axel W. Turku's first rooftop bar, Walo Rooftop Bar, opens above the roofs of Turku.

Walo Rooftop Bar is Wiklund's crown jewel. The year-round bar, which extends to two roof floors, has amazing views over the city.

The completely new Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund is responsible for the hotel services, creating the framework for a unique and comprehensive hotel experience. The hotel was opened at the beginning of March 2019.

Completely new and inspiring meeting rooms - Wirta meetings, as well as a versatile set of events are located on the third floor.

In addition, customers are pampered by the Hyvä Olo and Hyvä Olo Express salons, as well as the full-service S-market Wiklund Herkku.

Under the same roof, the service offering is complemented by a number of specialty stores and services.