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Onni Orava in Kupittaa


Onni Orava in Kupittaa

Children's favorite Onni Orava is also present in our Kupittaa hotel everyday. Welcome to spend time with Onni!

Onni Orava Original Sokos Hotel in Kupittaa

Onni Orava invites your whole family to enjoy themselves at Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa!

Onni enthusiastically shares spending tips on the hotel's social media for a successful summer vacation in Turku.

In addition, at the hotel's breakfast in summertime, children can find Onni's recommendations for a plentiful and varied breakfast.

When children arrive as our and Onni's guests, Onni has already prepared a nice package for each of them during their hotel vacation. Onni Orava's own letter greeting to child customers might slip in as well. In addition, Onni has made his own environmental and safety passports and drawings for the children.

If things go well, you might see Onni handing out goodies around the hotel. Onni Orava has also put the front desk staff to work, who have hidden little Onnis throughout the hotel, and for finding them you get a small reward!

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