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Avoid the rush hour

Self-service check-in

Avoid the rush hour - check-in and check-out quickly and easily

Check-in couldn't be any easier!

Self-service check-in is a possibility in many Sokos Hotels. With the automatic located in the lobby, can you check-in quickly avoiding the rush hour. You can also pay the reservation upon arrival. If your room is ready, you can check-in the earliest at 1pm. On the departure day, if there is no open room bill, you can also check-out with the automatic.

To do to self-service check-in, you only need your Sokos Hotels reservation number. You will get the reservation number when you reserve the room through our website, from out reception or from the sales department. The reservation number can be found from the confirmation letter and the welcome-note, which we send you before the arrival.

Our reception staff is more than happy to help you in any need of assistance while doing the self-service check-in.