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Private Sauna

Private Sauna in Rikala

Come and enjoy the Sonaatti and Soolo and turn up the heat!

From the top floor of the hotel! Refreshing drinks can be ordered in advance.

What could be more festive than having a nice dinner party, Christmas party or even a birthday party in the hotel's own sauna! You can spend a pleasant evening in our warm and cosy sauna. You can order the dishes according to your taste from our sauna package. We will have everything ready for you before you arrive. So here's a great solution for an evening out.

If your sauna package also includes dinner, we recommend booking a table for your party at Rikala Bar & Grill.

Sonaatti & Soolo

Sonaatti - The sauna room consists of a meeting table for 8 people, a kitchenette, a group of sofas and a sauna area. Up to 20 people can be seated on the tables. The roof terrace is accessed via the sauna, which offers a magnificent view over the rooftops. 360 degree panorama.

Soolo - Suitable for groups of 1-6 people. The compact sauna room is compact and has a sofa group with dressing rooms, a toilet and a sauna area. Here you can enjoy a sauna with a smaller group!

Both rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi wireless network, TV/monitor, which is handy for meetings.

The sauna package consists of meeting room rental and catering. Drinks and snacks can be chosen by you. We will be happy to create a sauna package to suit your needs.

Offers directly from the hotel reception,

+358 2 7744100