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With kids

We in Pori have a lot of fun things to do with children. See our tips here!

In Pori's Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, children and adults vacationing with children in Pori have been taken into account in many ways:

  • The playroom can be found on the 2nd floor of our hotel, next to the fitness room. The visit to the playroom takes place very close to our reception - feel free to ask our reception staff for instructions!
  • You can borrow children's books for shared reading moments from our reception, and you can also find them in the playroom. Board games can be borrowed from our meeting corridor near the reception.
  • In the lobby of the play area and in the laundry room on the 5th floor, you will find a microwave for heating children's food, and the children's food can be kept cold in the minibars in the rooms.
  • Children's menu and breakfast: Our breakfast also takes into account the smallest children in the family, for whom we have their own children's table at breakfast. All our restaurants also have a children's menu, see the menus: Amarillo || Rosso || Torero
  • Family rooms, extra beds and children's own room: There are plenty of spacious family rooms in our hotel (51 in total) and there are rooms with extra beds in every room category. You can choose a comfortable standard room with an extra bed or a sofa bed, or a Superior room with an extra bed that offers a little luxury for everyday life. Even a larger family can enjoy a hotel vacation in our hotel's stylish suite - the two sofas in the suite's living room can be used as extra beds for up to four children or two adults. The suite also has its own sauna, separate toilet and a small balcony.
  • Loan bikes: We lend bikes with helmets to our customers free of charge! Ask for a free bicycle at our reception and pedal to the city. One of the loan bikes also has a child seat.
  • Our hotel also has a laundry room with laundry detergent (5th floor, ask our reception for more instructions)

Things to do near our hotel:

  • Pelle Hermanni playground

Kirjurinluoto's playground, Pelle Hermann's park, is approximately three hectares in size, which is equivalent to almost five football fields! The park has a huge number of playgrounds, slides and climbing frames suitable for different ages - all without an entrance fee, welcome!

  • Kirjurinluodon liikennepuisto Vinkkari

Liikennepuisto Vinkkari is a great place where you can ride mopeds and bicycles. Traffic rules are learned during the play vacation.

  • Leo's Leikkimaa

In Leo's Leikkimaa, the whole family can play, have fun and move! The main focus is on safety, cleanliness and service spirit.

  • Finnkino cinema

Choose your favorite movie and make a short walk from the hotel to the movie!

  • Luontotalo Arkki

Satakunta Museum's natural history museum operates in the old Pori telephone exchange in the center of Pori. The basic exhibition of the Nature House Ark presents the province of Satakunta, focusing on the natural environments of Selkämeri and Kokemäenjoki.

  • Irti Maasta -kiipeilypuisto

At the Irti Maasta center you climb alone or with a friend. Pori park is built between the floors of the shopping center, which means that the view from the top of the walls opens up from the level of the upper windows of the shopping center all the way down to the ground floor. You can find the park at the Shopping Center IsoKarhu.