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What could you really do here in Pori? We Vaakuna's 120 employees from Pori have listed our own favorite places for you, which are great to experience.


Reposaari is an idyllic village in Meri-Pori. Around one thousand people call the one-and-a-half-square-kilometre island home. Reposaari is known to its inhabitants by the nickname Räpsöö, which stems from the island's name in Swedish.

The island is brimming with interesting sights, including the Reposaari Windpark, the Reposaari Fortress and a church and graveyard. Reposaari Church, built in 1876, is a Norwegian-style fell church which features, among other things, an altarpiece painted by Felix Frang. A special attraction worth mentioning is a monument to the S2 torpedo boat sculpted by Wäinö Aalto, which is located in the church's park.

Reposaari's fishing port is Finland's largest and the biggest unloading port for Baltic herring in the entire Gulf of Bothnia.


Kirjurinluoto, beloved by Pori locals, is an islet on the Kokemäki River and quite simply a paradise in the middle of the city. The park area is an old English-style park dating back to the 19th century. It also features a summer restaurant, stage and beach. In the summer the islet hosts a number of events, such as Pori Jazz and Porisphere.

Kirjurinluoto offers children a host of fun pastimes: Pelle Hermanni Park is full of activities for kids of all ages. In summer they can feed alpacas and drive pedal cars around a traffic park. The park also features the nest of Viksu the Crow, which he visits several times a day in the summer.

Kirjurinluoto also offers opportunities for frisbee golf and miniature golf. An outdoor summer theatre, a public park and Satakunta's Garden Information Centre are all part of Kirjurinluoto's offering.


Yyteri is also located in Meri-Pori and is known for a beach of the same name, one of Finland's longest. The Rolling Stones performed there in 1965.

Yyteri has a six-kilometre-long beach and its sand dunes attract tourists and locals alike all summer long. Yyteri offers opportunities for many types of sports, including golf, horse-back riding, beach volleyball and surfing. Yyteri has in excess of 30 kilometres of trekking routes, nature trails and more than ten bird-watching towers.

Close to Yyteri's beach is a dog beach, the only one of its kind in Finland.


Mäntykallo, known as Kallo, is a rocky island situated off the coast of Pori's Mäntyluoto. The island is home to the Kallo lighthouse and can be reached by a causeway. Finland's oldest sports club, the Segelföreningen i Björneborg yacht club, established in 1856, also operates on the island, as does Pori's coastguard and pilot station. The beauty of Kallo stems from the surrounding sea and the island's stunning cliffs. Kallo lighthouse and its rocky beaches are popular destinations for outings, particularly during tempestuous autumn storms.

Pori's marketplace

When visiting Pori's marketplace stop by and sample Ojala's delicious meat pies or Nakkila's fried river lamprey. Grab a shingle basket – the perfect souvenir from Pori's marketplace.