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Near Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Pori you will find restaurants for every taste.


A pulsating food and socializing restaurant. Good food and drink, relaxed going and partying. Amarillo is located in the same building as the hotel. See more here!


Rosso is a popular family restaurant, where both children and adults feast to their heart's content. Rosso's cheerful service and Italian-style menu are truly captivating! Rosso is located just around the corner, just a 100-meter walk from the hotel doors. See more here!

Pub Winston

The most traditional pub in Pori. The most popular aftergame location. Pub Winston can be found across the street. See more here!

Grill Y Tapas Torero

At Torero in Pori, you can enjoy authentic Spanish taste experiences and uncomplicated warm service. We are located in the heart of Pori, on Kävelykatu on the edge of the market. Our main cooking method is the pride of our kitchen; authentic Spanish charcoal grill, MIBRASA, where delicious steaks, chickens and fish are fried. Torero is a 300-meter walk across the square. See more here!

Our other restaurants in Pori: