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Things to do and see in Oulu

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Hupisaaret and Ainolanpuisto

Beautiful, leafy Hupisaaret and Ainolanpuisto are located a short distance from our hotel. As Oulu's answer to Central Park, Hupisaaret and Ainolanpuisto are wonderful places where people can get close to nature in the very heart of the city. Hupisaaret is made up of dozens of small islands and parks scattered across the Oulujoki estuary. The area features babbling brooks crossed by beautiful white wooden bridges and romantic paths surrounded by dense foliage. Hupisaaret has ample room for picnics, a large and well-equipped children's playground and a cosy café surrounded by gardens. The area also features Finland's longest fishway where you can watch the ever-rising Oulujoki fish stocks through an underwater window.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum located next to Ainolanpuisto regularly hosts exhibitions concerning the history of the area.

Hailuoto and a ferry trip

Hailuoto is a unique island located close to Oulu. Besides the unique island destination, the exciting ferry trip to get to the island from the mainland is an experience in itself.

Hailuoto is renowned for its unique natural environment and instantly recognisable landscape. It's a sight you should definitely take the time to see. The island was formed as a result of post-glacial rebound after the last ice age, and it is continuously growing at a rate of approximately one centimetre per year. The sand, wind, sea and the activity of humans have moulded the island to its current state.

Hailuoto can be reached by bus 59 from the centre of Oulu. The island offers a variety of services all year round. Hike the island's recreational foot paths at your leisure and take in the sights and sounds of nature. Located at the western end of Hailuoto, Marjaniemi features an old lighthouse (est. 1871) as well as an interactive environmental exhibition and glorious beaches. You can learn more about the history of Hailuoto at the Kniivilä Museum. The island is also a paradise for birdwatchers. You can observe birds from the purpose built bird-watching towers, on the beautiful shoreline and in the island's secluded woodland areas.

Take to the streets on a bike

Oulu is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Finland. There are over 600 kilometres of bicycle paths criss-crossing the city, providing convenient links to many of Oulu's attractions. Turn your bike for example onto the Marine Route leading through Ainolanpuisto and Linnansaari and listen to our free to download OuluGo recorded guide.

You can also take the more than worthwhile trip to Hietasaaret and Nallikari, a one kilometre long sandy beach located on the Northern Riviera The area has activities for all – the Speedpark amusement park for children, pony riding at Ponitila for horse lovers, miniature golf and other sporting activities at Nallisport and an abundance of recreational walking paths. More information and bicycle route maps: here.


The magnificent one-kilometre sandy beach at Nallikari attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. The water is shallow and deepens slowly, so it is well suited for families with children. Nallikari beach has recently been landscaped and walk along its seaside boulevard has a continental feel. The beach offers facilities for playing paddle ball, beach volley and beach football. If children grow tired of playing at the beach, there is a well-equipped play area and spider's web-style climbing frame close by which are sure to meet the approval of all children.