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Parking Original Sokos Hotel Arina, Oulu

If you come by car, the city has a lot of parking options!


Kivisydän is Oulu’s underground car park, which you can enter at Hallituskatu 1 and Hallituskatu 20. The parking spaces at Kivisydän are wide, and there is room for 900 cars. There are six separate lift connections, from which the best options for our guests are “Rotuaari square” or “Valkea Shopping Centre”. The customer gets a parking pass which is used to access the closed car park. The maximum height for vehicles is 2.6 metres. The parking fee for Kivisydän is per hour, and it is paid at the garage when leaving or by Moovy- or ParkMan-apps . Unfortunately, it is impossible to pay for parking at Kivisydän at the hotel or have it included in the room bill. Read more about Kivisydän and check the prices here.


You can also leave your car in the Autosaari car park at Kauppurienkatu 24. The height of the car park is 2.0 metres. You can pay for the parking directly at Autosaari. Unfortunately, it is impossible to pay for parking at the hotel or have it included in the room bill. Read more and check the prices here.

Hotel car park

The hotel’s small car park is located below the hotel at Isokatu 18. You can enter the car park by driving along Isokatu from the north towards the centre from the Cathedral. (Driving along Isokatu from the south will take you to the Valkea Shopping Centre car park. It does not collaborate with the hotel, but feel free to leave your car there if you like.) Valkea Shopping Centre is next to the car park. You can see the glass wall of the Shopping Centre in front of you when you drive between the two large flowerpots along Isokatu (the pedestrian street starts at the entrance) – so take that as your landmark! The price for parking is EUR 26 per night. It is paid at the hotel reception. The height of the car park is 1.9–2.0 metres, and there is room for 37 cars. (NB! Some of the spaces are tight and unsuitable for larger cars.) No pre-booking available (except for accessible parking). The car park is marked with the “Arina” sign, a red and white “P” sign and a small blue “P” sign (see the pictures above). Next to the car park, there is also one of the lift signs for the Kivisydän underground car park – Rotuaari. Hopefully, you can find your way using these landmarks. The Frans & Camille restaurant and Puistokahvila Makia are near the car park. Outside the car park, there is a buzzer for contacting reception to open the door. In winter, the car park is warm.

Charging stations

The hotel’s own car park has basic ABC charging stations for 14 electric vehicles. The charge is paid for using the ABC mobile app.

Read more here.

Four charging stations can be reserved in advance along with room reservations, but no later than the day before arrival by 24:00. We do not accept reservations for the day of arrival, only as advance reservations. The station can be reserved in advance through our hotel’s own sales service (phone: 08 3212 3255) or at the reception (phone: 08 312 3111). Rest of the charging stations are filled in the order of arrival, and they can be freely used by everyone (including non-electric vehicles).