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Accessibility in Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Mikkeli

There are two accessible rooms in Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Mikkeli. Hotel restaurant Frans & Michelle is accessible via the front door or K1 garage via Vilhonkatu.

Accessible rooms:

  • The front door is 90 cm wide
  • There is a 1,5 cm treshold
  • There are motorised beds in the rooms, both ends of the bed can be lifted
  • The beds are 55 cm in height
  • The beds are 90 cm wide
  • The door to the bathroom is 80 cm wide
  • The height of the toilet seat is 43 cm
  • There is a handrail next to the toilet seat
  • There is a handrail in the shower
  • There is a fixed shower seat in the shower

Our accessible rooms can be reserved directly via our webpages sokoshotels.fi

Our accessible rooms are located in the extention wing on the second and on the third floor, windows overlooking the street.