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Things to do

Things to do

There's plenty to do at Koli all year round, and here are a few of our recommendations.

Koli - Winter Wonderland

Koli in winter is like stepping into Narnia – with breathtaking hillscapes and trees adorned with thick frost. Koli offers reliable snow conditions and a true winter experience. And there's plenty to do at Koli for every taste! We've compiled winter tips for an unforgettable visit with us.

Beware of freezing teeth in the cold – your smile won't freeze at Koli!


You can ski directly from Break Sokos Hotel Koli to the Ukko-Koli ski slopes, and it's only a few kilometers from Koli Kylä Hotel. Koli has seven slopes ranging from green to black, catering to all skill levels. The slopes of Ukko-Koli are shaped by nature, offering suitable terrain for both demanding and leisurely descents. The longest slope is 1,500 meters with an elevation difference of 230 meters. The slope named Ukko-Koli has an impressive incline of 62.7%. Koli also has a ski school, one of the oldest in Finland. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced skier seeking additional tips, the professionals at the ski school provide guidance in alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, and cross-country skiing.

The first daredevils skied at Koli over 80 years ago – is it your turn now?

Cross-country Skiing

Koli has Finland's longest continuous illuminated ski trail, making it a winter Mecca for those chasing kilometers of skiing. Many are familiar with Vaarojen maraton, an annual running event in Koli. In winter, amidst the same landscapes, the Kolin Maisemahiihto event takes place on February 24-25, 2024. It is considered Finland's most beautiful cross-country skiing tour, offering routes from a few kilometers to the challenging 65-kilometer race. Additionally, Ahmanhiihto takes place in the Koli landscapes on March 8-9, 2024.

You don't need to shout in the woods at Koli!

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is part of the Finnish winter experience. In the vicinity of Koli, there are vast open waters and smaller coves and ponds where you can fish in pristine waters. Ice fishing is part of everyman's rights, and all you need is an auger, an ice fishing rod, and bait. You can also book a winter fishing trip through us, where guidance, transportation, equipment, and snacks are all arranged.

Tight lines!

Stars and Northern Lights

Koli is away from so-called light pollution. In the protection of nature, it's excellent to explore the evening sky's constellations and the Northern Lights.

Koli Relax Spa

At Break Sokos Hotel Koli, located at the top of Koli, there's a unique Koli Relax Spa. Here, you can enjoy stunning national landscapes in hot tubs and outdoor jacuzzis. The spa includes eight different pools and three saunas, offering various ways to experience water and warmth. In addition, you can relax in experience showers and rest in the soothing warmth of the Relax room.

Local Food

Abundant servings, uncomplicated flavors, the best local produce, snacks, Karelian pasties, pizza, burgers, salads... Koli's restaurant offerings are diverse.

In Koli village, Restaurant Tervaskanto offers local food in a natural setting. For example, the meat for the burgers comes from a neighboring municipality, and the buns are baked in their own kitchen. In Tervaskanto, you can get a three-course menu for just over 30 euros.

At Bar & Cafe Puronmutka, you can enjoy salads, toasts, as well as savory and sweet pastries. It's a good idea to grab a ready-made picnic package from Puronmutka for your nature hikes – or come directly from the trail to fill your stomach!

Grill it!, located at the top of Koli in the national park area, is a scenic restaurant serving international cuisine and, in addition to other delicacies, pre-ordered Sibelius menus. The Aino menu has three, and the Jean menu has five courses.

Nature Hiking

For many, the best part of Koli is its nature and national landscapes. In winter, explore the snowshoeing trails through the snow-laden (Yes! You read it right, there's deep snow at Koli!) hills, a few kilometers long. In winter, you can also walk off the marked trails with snowshoes with confidence, as the snow protects the delicate nature. When hiking, keep in mind that not all Koli trails are maintained in winter. In the national park, you can also move around on horseback during winter. It's advisable to inquire about horseback riding and guided nature hikes at our hotel receptions.

Get ready for an adventure!


Snowmobiling is prohibited in Koli National Park, but there are authorized snowmobile routes nearby. From Koli, snowmobile routes extend to Juuka, Nurmes, Lieksa, Eno, and Joensuu – basically in every direction!


Although cycling is not allowed in Koli National Park, there are bike routes in Koli in both summer and winter. Riding up the hills is sure to make you break a sweat – relief can be found in an electric bike. You can rent equipment from the area's bike rental.


There's plenty of sledding on the hills of Koli! Sledding is entirely free fun. The sledding hill is located in Koli village, complete with a barbecue hut and an ice skating rink. What could be more enjoyable than rosy cheeks from sledding and hot cocoa by the fire!

Ice Road

Did you know that Koli has the longest ice road in Europe? Along this road, you can reach Lieksa directly from Koli. Next to the ice road, a several-kilometer-long ice skating trail is also cleared!

Brewery and Distillery

In the basement of Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä, you'll find the internationally acclaimed distillery, The Helsinki Distilling Company. The distillery's products feature flavors of the national park's berries. Additionally, in nearby Nunnanlahti, Kolin Panimo produces high-quality beers, ciders, and wines crafted by hand in the North Karelian hill landscapes.


Summer Activities:

During the summer, you can hike in Koli National Park, swim in the beautiful and clean Lake Pielinen, take a trip to an island, or paddle on the lake. Riding a mountain bike along forest paths is delightful. In the summer, Koli hosts several outdoor and indoor events from June to August. Equipment for outdoor activities can be rented from local entrepreneurs.

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, there is also an 18-hole frisbee golf course that challenges even the most experienced players. If you don't have your own discs, you can find them in the shop near the reception!

You can book a full-body relaxing massage at the Edea Koli beauty salon. Book an appointment here.