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S-Card benefits

S-Card benefits: Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Enhance your business trips with hotel-specific advantages using your S-Card membership. In addition to the basic benefits included in your S-Card loyalty, we offer various hotel-specific perks at Break Sokos Hotel Koli.

S-Card Benefit: Koli Relax Spa
Valid indefinitely

Koli Relax Spa visit for €26 per person with S-Card (normal guest price is €35 per person).
Tickets and additional information can be obtained at the hotel reception.

For more details about the spa, click here.

Indulge with S-Card at Grill It! in Koli
Valid indefinitely

Our Grill It! restaurant features an S-Card menu where you can select your favorite dish. The price advantage is for individual use, and it does not require a hotel stay.

With S-Card meal benefit (€12), choose one of the following dishes:

Caesar salad (L)

With grilled chicken or salmon (Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, bacon crumbs, grilled chicken and toasted garlic bread. The Caesar dressing contains fish.)

Cauliflower (VN, G)

Grilled cauliflower, spicy lentil ragu, radishes, kale and herb yoghurt

Vurger (VN)

Grilled cauliflower, spicy lentil ragu, radishes, kale and herb yoghurt

Chicken (L, G)

Cajun-style grilled chicken, cauliflower, tomato salsa, herb yoghurt and seasoned French fries

Grill it! -burger (L)

Beef hamburger patty, tomato, pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, smoked paprika mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce and seasoned French fries


Pizza of your choice from Café Latva’s pizza list.

Includes tap water as beverage.