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Moment together in Koli

Spend a moment together in Break Sokos Hotel Koli

The national landscape towards lake Pielinen, your loved one by your side and a relaxing weekend ahead. With the Kahden kesken Kolilla package, you'll unwind at the spa, indulge in delicacies delivered to your hotel room, and even enjoy a peaceful breakfast from the comfort of your own bed.

Package includes:

  • Accommodation at Break Sokos Hotel Koli
  • One spa visit for two at Koli Relax Spa, including a bath bucket with Lumene products. The second bath bucket can be exchanged for a beverage bucket if two people visit the spa together.
  • One delicacy platter delivered to the room
  • One room breakfast for two

Package Starting from 240 €/2 persons/night/2 person room

The package is available from May 29th to December 31st, 2023. The price varies depending on the day, and there is a limited quantity of products. Reservation code: KAHDEN KESKEN. Please note that if you book the package for multiple days, it includes only one delicacy platter, one spa visit for two, and one room breakfast for two. Take this into account when making your reservation for multiple days.

Here's how to book from

Fill in the necessary details for your reservation and enter the reservation code KAHDEN KESKEN. Please note that the package can only be booked from the older version of website, not the beta version. You will see the available room rates. Choose the price and any additional products and services you desire. You will receive a reservation confirmation via email. Please note that additional products cannot be booked for the same day; in such cases, inquire about additional services directly from the hotel. When booking this package, you don't need to select any additional products as they are already included in the package for one night.

Additional information

Break Sokos Hotel Koli's sales service: phone number +358 20 1234 660, email:
Call rate: 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/minute.

You can earn bonus with your S-Etukortti card. The benefit cannot be combined with other benefits and discounts. The price does not include S-Card benefits. A limited number of rooms are available at the promotional price, and the offer applies only to new bookings. Availability varies depending on the day.