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Benefits and Offers

Break Sokos Hotel Koli's Benefits and Offers

Discover the latest offers and benefits at Break Sokos Hotel Koli and make your visit more budget-friendly! Whether you're looking for the best daily rates or offers for an extended stay, you'll find a suitable deal below.

Enjoy the first rays of the spring sun at the top of Koli starting from 110 €/night/1-2 person room.
Book yourself a vacation or a getaway from daily life to the top of Koli, taking advantage of the fantastic Koli Spring Festivities offer. Koli is a wonderful travel destination in the spring, where you can witness nature coming to life after the long winter.

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Book a Romantic Getaway for Two at Break Sokos Hotel Koli starting from €240 per night for 2 people in a double room.
With the national landscape leading to Lake Pielinen, your loved one by your side, and a relaxing weekend ahead, the "Just the Two of Us at Koli" package offers relaxation at the spa, delicious treats in your hotel room, and the chance to peacefully enjoy breakfast in bed.

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Kolisee - An amazing offer to stay at Koli starting from 89€/person/night/2 person room
Experience the magic of spring in the stunning landscapes of Koli. We are pleased to introduce an special package, which includes accommodation and the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing hot tubs at Koli Relax Spa at a special price.

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