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Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä is located approximately 70 km from Joensuu, which can be reached by, for example, flying, by train, or by bus. More information on transportation options below.

Joensuu Airport

Joensuu airport is about 80 km from Koli. A local bus runs from the airport to the center of Joensuu.

Transportation between Joensuu Airport and Koli Kylä is provided by Kolin Taksipalvelu. Tel. 020 741 7391

Joensuu Railway Station

Joensuu railway station is about 70 km from Koli.

Transportation between Joensuu railway station and Koli Kylä is provided by Koli taxi service and travel service.

Kolin Taxi Service tel. 020 741 7391.

Joensuu Bus Station

Joensuu bus station is 70 km from Kol. The nearest bus stop is in the village of Koli, about 3 km from the hotel.

Matkahuolto offers bus transportation directly from Joensuu to Koli Port and from there to Koli village when ordered separately. Transportation from Koli Port

to the village is operated by Koli Taksipalvelu.

Koli Port

Koli port is 2.5 km from Koli village. The harbor functions as a guest marina.

More info, please check: Transport to Koli